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Basic Camping Checklist

C Stuff If you are like most people you forgot something on your last camping trip. This might put an end to it.

Did you forget something on your last camping trip again? Maybe if you made a Camping Checklist before the last trip you would have brought something to start that camp fire. A list of the things that you should bring with you whenever you go Camping can be a trip saver. A checklist helps keep you from forgetting things that you should have brought along without just tossing items in your bag at the last minute.

Most Camping Checklists will vary depending on the length of the Camping trip, people in your group, and your preferences. That list will make sure you bring only what you need and save you from over packing.

Basic Camping Checklist:


* Jackets / Vest
* Gloves / Mittens
* Socks / Camp Shoes
* Hats / Caps
* Hiking Rain Gear

Sleeping Gear

* Sleeping Bags / Sleeping Pads / Camping Cots
* Camping Lanterns / Candles
* Camping Tent / Bivy Sack


* Food /Dehydrated / Prepackaged / Snacks
* Drinks / Soups
* Cooking /Stove / Cookware
* Storage Containers / Ziplock Bags

Tools & Devices

* Maps
* Flashlights
* Compass
* GPS Device
* Pocket knife
* Batteries
* First Aid Kit
* Lighter / Matches

One thought on “Basic Camping Checklist”

  1. I have used the same gear list for over 20 years. I add and mark out things from time to time but a good gear list never fails you. If you don’t have one already I suggest you make one to your on liking starting off the one here. Believe me when I say you will get years of use from it.

    Good helpful post. Keep it up, Ricky.

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