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I Thought Your Tent Was Flame Proof

A group of 3 of my friends and I went on a < !– google_ad_section_start –>camping and mountain biking trip to West Virginia. On the trip up from South Carolina, Jake kept going on about how great his new camping equipment was. He had invested over $800 in a new sleeping bag and tent. It was getting so bad with his bragging that it had become a joke to ask his about some of the great features that made his new purchase worth it.


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The Day The Bear At My Sleeping Bag

Sleeping bag bear

One cold evening in September in the Colorado Rockies I made the mistake of eating a bag of beef jerky while laying in my sleeping bag.

What I did that night was a fairly normal occurrence. I was tired and still a little hungry from a long day’s hike. All I needed was a snack to help me get off the sleep. Eating the jerky wasn’t so bad but letting a few pieces drop down in my sleeping bag would later come back to haunt me.

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Campground Shuts Down Gears Of War Tournament

Gears of war

4/7/07- Saturday at a upscale campground in Kissimmee, Florida eight teenagers were arrested for disturbing the peace,underage drinking and one of them also for pushing one of the arresting officers.

The eight teens were having a video game tournament called a LAN party. They were playing a popular game by Microsoft called Gears of War. It involves people acting as soldiers on a fictional planet. While gaming, the group were quite loud and neighboring campers complained.

The campground supervisor arrived shortly after the complaints to find most of the underage players to be heavily intoxicated. There were no adults present and beer cans were scattered around the RV said the supervisor.

The owners of the RV were unable to be contacted at the time of the arrests to determine if the teenagers had permission for the party. Two fourteen year old nieces of the RV owners were found hiding in a bedroom closet but were not arrested.

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