How To Care For Or Fix Tent Zippers

Zip Your tent can be subject to a lot of abuse. Climbing in and out of your tent with dirty clothes, boots and all of your gear can cause a build up in the teeth of your tents zippers. Here is a few things to do to keep those zippers stick free.


When out in the field, brush zippers off before pulling the slider. When at home, clean the teeth with water and a toothbrush, or use a vacuum cleaner with a brush attachment. Do not apply any lubricant to zippers as it will attract much more grit. From time to time the looped wires form the zipper tracks will separate or bend under stress. You can simply straighten the damaged coils with a large needle or a small knife blade.

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  1. After going camping I blow out my tent and it’s zippers with a air hose and it works get. It also helps dry out a wet tent before you store it away.

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