How To Store A Sleeping Bag

Do you leave your sleeping bag in that tight little stuffsack that came with your bag? If you do you are slowly damaging you last line of defense between you and the cold. Sack

Sleeping bags should never be kept in their tight fitting stuffsacks any longer than necessary, if you do you are losing that precious loft that gives a sleeping bag it’s warmth retaining abilities. When your bag smashes flat, you get cold, and that will take money out of you pocket when you go back to the store for a new bag.

Store sackMany better manufacturers will supply a large cotton storage sack with their sleeping bags, which are great at allowing a bag to fluff out and breathe out any trapped water. Problem is for most people they take up too much storage space, and don’t always allow a bag to max out it’s loft. Try this storage method to help your sleeping bag reach its maximum warmth on those cold nights outdoors.

Look for places you can let your sleeping bag stretch out flat and breath. Most people have room under their beds. Tie a plastic bag over the broom head to keep the sleeping bag clean, slip it inside the sleeping bag, and push it under the bed. Then slide the broom out leaving the sleep sack.

It can be a little dusty under some beds so vacuum first or make a cover for your sleeping bag made out of an old bedsheet. Also consider the space under a large sofa or futon to store your sleeping bag in the same manor.

Do take some precautions when storing your bag. Always make sure your bag has dried out first and be careful if storing on a cold basement floor as is might absorb to much moisture.

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