What Is The Best Type Of Camping Sleeping Pad

Sleeping pads are your best defense against the cold and moisture coming up off the ground. They will go a long way to help keep you warm and comfortable on your next hiking, camping, or backpacking trip. The information given here will help you pick a sleeping pad that right for you. pad

Sleeping pad types usually trade-off weight for different degrees of warmth. Pads have advantages and disadvantages, the big key is to find the type that best meets your needs.

Open-Cell Foam:Foam

These sleeping pads are made of a lighter but fragile foam which is comparable to a sponge. They’re being light and plush is an advantage. The disadvantages are they can absorb water vapor, which can be a big problem if they don’t get a chance to dry out completely. Insulation is better than empty chamber air mattresses but not as good as a closed-cell foam sleeping pad. You will need a lot thicker open-cell sleeping pad to have a comparable insulation value of a closed-cell foam sleeping pad. This makes them much more bulky.

Closed-Cell Foam :closed

Durable and dense foam materials make up a closed-cell sleeping pad. The plus of closed-cell foam is that it insulates well because the small cells trap warm air from your body. Closed-cell foam is less likely to absorb moisture, so the whole pad won’t get soaked when water seeps up through your tent floor. A disadvantage is they’re a little heavier and they’re not as plush because they don’t compress as easily under pressure. You will need more closed-cell foam to get the same level of comfort as with open-cell foam, which means a little more weight.

Self-Inflating Pads:Self inf

This type of pad is made with open-cell foam sandwiched-and-sealed between sheets of plastic. You store them rolled-up/compressed when not in use so when they’re unrolled and the inflating valve is opened the expanding foam causes air to be drawn inside and they “self-inflate”. With open-cell foam being sealed between plastic it insulates better than open-cell foam alone. The sealing between plastic also helps keep the inside drier. Be aware though, by blowing into a self-inflating mattress to make it firm faster will dampen the inside of the mattress and could encourage mold and bacteria growth.

I hope this will help you decide on which sleeping pad is best for you.

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  1. I use a Z-rest pad which is a type of Closed Cell Sleeping pad. When I go out backpacking for a couple of days I want a pad that won’t get a hole and go flat. It’s hard to got wromg with anything made by Therm-a-rest.

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